Provides significantly better relief

Fasprin® is a patented break through product for aspirin users that is ideal for:
• Daily low dosage aspirin therapy
• Usage at the onset of symptoms of a stroke
• Relief of pain and stiffness
• Arthritis pain treatment

Aspirin remains the safest medicine for pain relief. Aspirin is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and with regular use relieves pain, reduces blood pressure and enhances blood flow in small vessels. Narrowed blood vessels are associated with heart attack, stroke, heart failure and peripheral vascular disease. The American Heart Association recommends daily use of low dosage aspirin for those at risk of a stroke.

Fasprin works fast and helps provides less gastric distress. Additionally the FDA advises physicians to prescribe aspirin for patients with angina (chest pain), to reduce the risk of death in patients with a suspected acute heart attack, to prevent recurrent heart attacks, prevent stroke (blockage of blood flow to the brain), and treat transient ischemic attacks (mini-stroke).

During a heart attack, a clot in the heart’s artery blocks the flow of blood to the heart. Heart muscle begins to die within 20 minutes and requires two months to repair. The more time that passes without treatment, the greater the damage. The part of the heart that dies during a heart attack cannot grow back or be repaired. To be effective, aspirin should be given within 1 hour of the start of heart attack symptoms.

Fasprin is a fast-dissolving low-dose (90 mg) aspirin tablet that melts in the mouth after contact with saliva on the tongue and is absorbed by the lining of the mouth, avoiding first-pass metabolism and irritation to the gastro-intestinal tract. When time is critical in the prevention of heart attacks, stroke, or migraine headache, absorption of aspirin is best achieved with a fast-dissolving formulation.

Fasprin gets into the blood stream faster than most aspirins. Fasprin also contains glucosamine to protect the lining of the mouth and GI tract; a zinc salt to promote healing of any ulcerationsplus to help prevent tinnitus associated with salicylates, and a magnesium salt to buffer the aspirin and decrease acid production in the stomach.

The reasons to take Fasprin are as follows:
• Get into the blood stream faster
• Less gastric distress
• Gold pill that dissolves on the tongue
• Every other day use of apirin had a 44% reduction in the incidence of first myocardial infarction.

The American Heart Association claims over 100 million people should use aspirin daily. Fasprin is the right choice for daily use.

Fasprin is a registered trademark of Nobel Laboratories, LLC.